Friday, October 23, 2015

Coming Soon to the API Case Files Feed - API Conversations

At API Case Files we record more interview material than we can use in the episodes. We would like to put out the full, minimally edited interview in months in which we don't publish a new API Case Files episode. Sometimes key excerpts from the interview will be in a Case Files episode as well, but this is your chance to hear the entire, relaxed conversation. The Conversations will appear on the same feed as the regular episodes, but will be numbered sequentially from one and will have a different, looser format.

This is not premium content - just like the regular episodes, Conversations are free of charge and there are no commercials to wade through.

Each Conversation will have a blog entry at this site with more information, and you can comment on the interview at that entry. As with the regular episodes, there will be an audio player so it is easy to listen right here, or you can just subscribe with your favorite podcast app or it iTunes.

We hope you enjoy this additional content, and we look forward to hearing what you think.

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