Thursday, January 5, 2017

Episode 10 - A Few Good Field Investigators

Released: 5 January 2017
Runtime: 64 minutes, 9 seconds

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API Case Files is the official podcast of Aerial Phenomena Investigations.

In this episode, Marsha Barnhart examines closely an Identified case in Colorado, and a Brooklyn case closed as Unidentified. Paul Carr covers his recently closed-as-Unidentified case in Manhattan, and Prof. Antonio Paris briefly outlines his most recent case still under investigation in Texas.

Images from Marsha's Case 16-042 (Colorado):

Images from Paul's Case 16-035 (NYC):
16-035 three image comparison (zoomed in without interpolation)

Antonio, Paul and Marsha discuss the attributes of what they're looking for in prospective investigators to join the API Team; that discussion began with the scientific and academic communities extreme reticence to engage in UAP and anamalous phenomena research.
Paul Carr presents the 8th installment in the series Unidentified Science, this time on Scientific Skywatching.


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Host and Producer: Marsha Barnhart
Contributors: Paul Carr and Antonio Paris
Postproduction: Paul Carr &

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