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Conversation 4 - Norio Hayakawa

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Norio Hayakawa

Interview recorded January 19, 2017
Released 1 February 2017
Runtime:  1 hour 16 min

Welcome to API Conversations. I'm Marsha Barnhart API's Chief of Investigations and your host for this Conversations episode. My guest today for this edition of API Conversations is Norio Hayakawa.

Norio is a resident of New Mexico and probably best known for his work investigating the anomalous activities in and around the Dulce New Mexico area. He is a blogger, an activist and, as such, the driving force behind a citizen oversight committee...the Civilian Intelligence Central. 

Norio for a very long time has been looking into the strange world of what we colloquially term "UFO's" . His research and examinations in this area has taken him on quite a journey. In the beginning his belief centered on the ET Hypothosis. Now, after many years immersed in this field, he has come to see the phenomenon in a much more nebulous light.  

Our conversation was wide-ranging and he took great pains to maintain a skeptical approach but still
face head-on the scope of what he feels is more akin to the philosophy embodied in John Keel and Dr. Jacque Valee's work. 

Keep an open mind as you listen to the thoughts and reasoning set forth by Norio Hayakawa.  I think you'll find our Conversation quite engaging.  By the way, our show notes include links to Norio's blog,   and selected guest appearances on several recent nationally syndicated radio shows.

Here now is my interview with Norio Hayakawa conducted on January 19th, 2017...
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That was Norio Hayakawa, blogger, researcher and activist. You can find out more about Norio in our shownotes links at I'm Marsha Barnhart, your host for this Episode 4 of API Conversations, which is a spin-off off of API Case Files. This podcast is a production of Aerial Phenomenon Investigations. The spoken content of API Conversations is distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike 4.0 license. The theme music for API Conversations is by DJ Spooky and is licensed under Creative Commons.   

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