Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Questions, comments for Episode 12?

Preparation for Episode 12 has begun. You can leave your question, comment, or suggestion as a comment here, or you can call our hotline at 240 233 1253 to leave a voicemail. Please be sure to let us know whether it's OK to use your name or voicemail recording.

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Changes are afoot for API.

We have had some big changes in our organization, we we'll have more to say about that in the next episode. In the meantime, though, we would like to make it known that we are hoping to reach out to other, independent, ethical UFO investigation groups to talk about what we can do to help each other.

We are also still seeking two or three more more field investigators, and maybe one or two analysts

Its other news, we have a new hotline number:  240 233 1253. Anyone who prefers to make their report over the phone can call us, and we will respond as soon as possible. If you sighting is in progress, please let us know and we will prioritize it. Leave phone number or email.

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Episode 11 - Michigan Cases and UFODATA

Released: 3 August 2017
Duration: 61 minutes, 16 seconds

Download the .mp3 audio file

In this episode of Case Files, host Marsha Barnhart examines two Michigan UFO cases; she provides an excerpt of a recent interview with Dr. Mark Rodeghier on his role in the UFODATA Project.

API’s Deputy director, Paul Carr, presents another in his series Unidentified Science where he details some of the on-going efforts in the scientific search for intelligent life in the cosmos; 

Marsha outlines various self-training methods on calculating altitude, distance and speed of aerial objects by using basic apps and a simple Google search.


UFOData Project
Dr. Mark Rodeghier
Conversation 7

Flying Below Radar

Boyajian's Star and other astronomical anomalies:

Where's the Flux?
Tabby's Star for the Perplexed
The Reddit KIC 8462852 Wiki
Jason Wright: Przybylski’s Star I: What’s that?
Interview with Beatriz Villarroel

Producer and host: Marsha Barnhart
Postproduction: Paul Carr


Alien Chronicler “They’re Here”:
Artofescapism “Made of Metal”:
Soft and Furious “CLIMAX”:
All India Radio “Persist”:

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