API Case Files Frequently Asked Questions

Updated: 20 November 2017

What is your RSS feed URL?

Your podcast is creative commons, what does that imply?

Strictly speaking, our license is Creative Commons Attribution/Share-alike. It means you can use the audio in whole or in part in your own production, so long as you give us credit (attribution), and you don't copyright it. 

I would like to discuss my sighting on your show. How do I get started?

Go to reportaufo.org and fill in the sighting report form there. We only feature sightings on API Case Files that we have investigated. Once we think we understand your case reasonable well, we may, with your permission, feature edited audio from one of our interviews with you, or if you prefer we will record a new session. You don't have to use your real name, and any other information you want protected will not be used.

If you have a theory or idea about UFOs you would like to discuss on the show, then write it up and let us look it over.

What is your release schedule?

We try to release either an Episode or a Conversation once a month, but there is no fixed schedule. Subscribe, and new material will show up as soon as it's available.

I think I'd make a great guest on API Conversations.  How do we make that happen?

Contact us.  apicasefiles  - at- gee male. You can also leave your info at our hotline: 240 233 1253, or contact Marsha Barnhart on G+.

We're OK with people who want to promote their books or films, so long as you are willing to engage in an unstructured conversation with us about it and related matters.

What is the difference between an Episode and a Conversation?

An Episode is in magazine format and covers multiple topics and will have typically have several people speaking. A Conversation is a one-on-one with a single guest and goes into depth on that guest's work and ideas.

I thought witness reports were confidential, and yet I hear witness audio on your show? 

We only use witness audio with explicit permission, and we don't reveal Personally Identifying Information on the show (for example, real names) unless the witness allows it. If you don't want your audio on the podcast, it won't be there.

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